Cloudformation for installing Postgresql and Docker

Click this link to download script  docker-postgresql Parameters: InstanceType: Type: String Default: t2.micro Description: Enter t2.micro, m1.small, or m1.large. Default is t2.micro. KeyPairName: Description: Amazon EC2 Key Pair Type: “AWS::EC2::KeyPair::KeyName” ImageId: Type: “AWS::EC2::Image::Id” Default: ami-81cefcfd Resources: AppNode: Type: AWS::EC2::Instance Properties: InstanceType: !Ref InstanceType ImageId: !Ref ImageId KeyName: !Ref KeyPairName SecurityGroups: – !Ref AppNodeSG UserData: !Base64 […]


Hosting Python in IIS on Window

How to ? Installing IIS on your window Create Flask App (ex: and download WSGI file . Configuring on IIS Run an application Installing IIS on your window Go to search Turn Windows features on or off and click on it . Now click on the Internet Information Services check box. After you need […]


Install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin4 on Ubutu

Update the System Before Starting Installation Process , you have to update the System by executing the following command. $ sudo apt-get update 2. Install Required packages Three packages require to install before downloading pgAdmin which are python, pip and virtualenv. Run the following command to install these packages. $ sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev libgmp3-dev virtualenv python-pip libpq-dev python-dev […]


Generating the Distribution Certificate & Provisioning Profile

1). Create a CSR from Keychain Go to keychain access  -> Certificate Assistant -> Request Certificate -> Save it to Desktop Formart : Key Size: 2048 bits Algorithm: RSA save 2). Certificate identifier and profile Certificate Type : Production Add Production In-House and Ad Hoc Continue Choose certificate request file Continue to generate Download […]