Hosting Python in IIS on Window


How to ?

  1. Installing IIS on your window
  2. Create Flask App (ex: and download WSGI file .
  3. Configuring on IIS
  4. Run an application

Installing IIS on your window

Go to search Turn Windows features on or off and click on it .

Now click on the Internet Information Services check box.

After you need to install CGI and click ok.

If you want to know your IIS work or not please go to your browser and type this url localhost by default.

Create Flask App (ex:

In this section I will create python file called name and put some code here to print “Hello Python !” on screen .

When you want to hosing flask app in IIS it will need wfastcgi file you can download here wfastcgi.

Configuring on IIS

In this section I will show you how to configure and hosting python file in IIS . First go to start and type word IIS and open it .

Now go to add site tab on the left of navigation  and select Add Website on the right next browse to your app directory  and click ok.


Now you need to add module mapping go to your site and double click on Handler Mappings  

Click Add Module Mapping on the right . and browse to your environment and wfastcgi file.


Click Request Restrictions. Make sure “Invoke handler only if request is mapped to:” checkbox is unchecked ” and click ok.

Go to your root server and double click on FastCGI Setting and click on Edit 

click on “…” to add environment variables click on add Name to “WSGI_HANDLER” and Value to “” . Value is depend on your app python file and then click ok.

Run an application

Go to your site and click on Browse 



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