Install PostgreSQL Chang Port and Chang User passworld

  1. Go to the PostgreSQL official website, download section for Windows
  2. Click on the download installer from EnterpriseDB
  3. Choose the latest version to download. It takes few minutes to complete the download.
  • Install PostgreSQL step by step

Double Click on the installer file, an installation wizard will appear than Click Next .


Enter the  Password for the Database superuser and service account then Click Next.

Enter the Port for PostgreSQL, Make Sure that no other application are using this port . leave it as default if you are unsure then click next.

Choose the default locale used by the database , you are completed providing for information the PostgreSQL installer, click next Button to install PostgreSQL.

Click button Finish to Completed the PostgreSQL installation.

  • Chang Port in PostgreSQL
  1. go to folder location install PostgreSQL .C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\10\data.   then find postgresql.conf file open this file, then find port to change it.

2. go to run Service.msc and restart postgresql service.

  • Change Default User and Password in PostgreSQL 
  1. change default username :
    update pg_authid set rolname ='new_username' where rolname = 'postgres';
  2. change password :
    ALTER USER <username> WITH PASSWORD '<new_password>';





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