Understanding software versioning


In role of software developer, versioning your software is a very common tasks  to do as your software is never complete — Fixing bugs just like drinking coffee.

Below is a very popular techniques for versioning your app

Major based versioning

Example v5.11.189, represented by 3 parts of number “major.minor.patch”

  • Major version numbers change whenever there is some significant change being introduced. For example, a large or potentially backward-incompatible change to a software package.
  • Minor version numbers change when a new, minor feature is introduced or when a set of smaller features is rolled out.
  • Patch/Revision numbers change when a new build of the software is released to customers. This is normally for small bug-fixes.

Yearly based versioning

Mostly user oriented, most popular and powerful IDE jetbrains use this techniques for public version. The public version is formatted yyyy.r, eg. Pycharm 2018.2.

where yyyy represents the year, and the release within that year, obviously with the aim of having multiple releases per year. Each product will have its own full build number in the format yyyy.r.n.m*.

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